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Closing to the 11th China International Modern Railways

Technical Equipment Exhibition

Reporter (Wang Zhiming) on December 5th in Beijing: The 11th China International Modern Railways Technical Equipment Exhibition concluded on November 30th in China International Exhibition Center. During the exhibition, there were 263 exhibitors from 16 countries and regions, with the exhibition area covering 20,000 sqm, and 26000 professional visitors, it was a grand success as it reached a historical range for its exhibitors, exhibition area and visitors.


During the exhibition, 5 symposiums attracted thousands of experts and scholars from both home and abroad. They had in-depth exchanges and discussions on technologies about high-speed locomotives and high-speed railway communication and signaling and other areas. The exhibition was participated by almost all the railway exhibitors worldwide, a large amount of expertise and professionals witnessed active interactions among the visitors and the exhibitors.


China’s railway development had provided a wide stage for exchange and cooperation within the railway business. Some famous enterprises such as Bombardier, Siemens, Alstom, CSR, CNR had brought the leading-edge rail vehicle technologies and equipment. Railway research and design enterprises had demonstrated a series of new technologies and achievement in such fields as R&D, experiment and design. Moreover, 18 railway bureaus and enterprises had shown their novelist progress in scientific innovation and operation security. The exhibition was one of the world-class event in the exhibition history with its historical records in the professional field and varieties of exhibition products.


The successful exhibition had gained support from various parties of the railway. China Academy of Railway Science, the sponsor namely, in particular had made great effort. Through their careful planning and strict organization, they provided the first-class service to the exhibitors and won thumb-ups from all parties for the expo.


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