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In order to enrich the cultural life of the employees, and increase the cultural atmosphere of the enterprise, our company organized an chesses match in April 14th,the activity named “The chesses  match of “Red Star” In May 1st”.
There were 44 employees took part in the match, and we implemented knockout tournament. After five rounds of the tournament, we ended the match in May 25th .
The Checkers Game winner : Wang wensheng , from stainless steel workshop;
                runner-up: Gao rui, from quality assurance department;
The Chinese chess winner : Duan lianzheng, from technical department;
runner-up: He shu'an ,from machine workshop;
Company will award the prize to the winners at the annual meeting.
Cultural activities, not only enhance the cultural atmosphere of the enterprise, but also cultivate the sentiments of the workers. Our company will hold abundant cultural and recreational activities in 2015, which are for enhance the cohesion and solidarity of our company.
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