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The special investigation on Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway by the CPPCC Economic Committee


Reporters (Han Fuxuan, Zhou Yangyang): Hangzhou on 11 April: April 9th to 11th, the CPPCC Economic Committee delegation to high-speed railway Beijing-Shanghai and Shanghai-Hangzhou and so on to do thematic research on construction and operation of high-speed rail engineering.

Zhang Zuoji, a member to the CPPCC Standing Committee and Director of Economic Commission, Sun Yongfu, a member to the CPPCC Standing Committee and vice chairman of Economic Commission, Li Deshui, deputy director of the CPPCC Economic Committee, Zhang Zhigang, Fan Xicheng, Zhang Guobao to participate in the investigation accompanied by Lu Dongfu, member of MOR Party group and vice Minister, and Cai Qinghua, former vice minister of Railway Ministry, deputy director of Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway construction leading group office and chairman of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway limited company.

Lu Dongfu welcomed the delegation representing Sheng Guangzu, secretary of Party Committee of MOR and minister, thanked for the care, support and help of the CPPCC Economic Committee to railway work, and report the work of railway in construction, transportation, service, reform and improving workers’ production and living conditions to the delegation.

During the 3-day inspection, the 21 delegation members had have the first-hand experience of the comfort and safety of the Beijing-Shanghai and Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed motor train units. They had given priority to listening to the situation of the technical innovation in such aspects as roadbeds, bridges, ballastless tracks, electricity and traction power supply and the introduction of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail in operation and management, service as well as operation results, etc. The delegation had also made a tour to the segment of Shanghai for investigation covering the construction, operation performance and the line of examination and repair for the motor train units.

The delegation members think, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail has set a new image of modern railway and promoted the innovation of railway transportation business mode, which not only improve comprehensive transportation system in our country but also further integrate two major economic circles around Bohai Region and the Yangtze River Delta, promote the economic growth in areas along, make people travel more conveniently, and effectively promote the coordinated development of regional economy.

Zhang Zuoji said, the development of high-speed rail technology in China with Beijing-Shanghai Rail as the representative is a vivid practice of constructing the independent innovation system and constructing innovative country in China. Through the special inspection, members of the Committee have mastered abundant firsthand materials, and have further understanding and understanding to the high-speed rail construction and the latest achievements etc. in China, so as to give suggestions on railway construction and development.

Zheng Jian, Chief planner of the Ministry of Railways, and related persons from general office of Ministry, development and planning department, Financial Department, construction management division, bureau of transportation, Shanghai Railway Bureau, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail company participated in the inspection activities.


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